Please excuse some of my posts being long. Rich reminds me all the time to get to the point, so I’ll try to keep them brief. If you read me recommending a product, consider it “mom’s free advice”. I’m not plugging anything, not monetizing anything, and not interested in that sort of thing. I would have ditched my cell phone and gone to pen and paper last year if Rich didn’t ask me to write a blog, so still doing this is a compromise.

Perhaps you’re hemmed into a cubicle, or the nearest greenery is a weed poking through a cinder block wall a block away, or the sun has gone out for a few days and there’s a wicked storm brewing, In any case, I hope you can take a few moments to light a pine scented candle, or pour a pine infused something from a flask at your desk, and let these dispatches soak in.

Music helps the tedium of spinning wheels the same way any track from the movie Inception makes an ordinary life epic.
During so many solitary pondering hours, my favorite songs help This Eccentric Life feel more like, … like this one.

Life happens when making plans for something else. For too many reasons to list, we’re putting a big X through our original plans.
Changing the route, not going down the Great Divide. (this year)

Our very first hike together had inspired me to attempt poetry. Our first hike back together ten years later turned out to be so serendipitously similar to the first one, I couldn’t help but remember the similarities. Scrambling to the top, after we had known each other only a week and a half, he proposed. This time, after scrambling to the peak, I even wondered, how could he top that? This time he gave me a piece crust and told me, and hold out your hand, so I did, and this happened:

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 9.17.18 AM

I asked him, how did you know the birds do this here? … and he said he didn’t.
I wouldn’t have been here without him. I wouldn’t be here without him.


This is where we were going to go this year: Banff Canada to Mexico, no paved roads for 2600 miles….. and Pie Town…
Adventure Cycling’s five minute video
On a scale of 1-10, mountain bikers rate this route relatively tame, between 5 and 6.

pics from some of our previous ride:


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All who wander aren’t necessarily lost, we just don’t know where we’re going.